Welcome to the Marine Life of Panama portal

We are working to create a single access point for knowledge about the diversity and distribution of marine organisms in Panama generated from over 40 years of marine biology research at STRI. Currently, the portal provides access to specimen records and related geo-spatial data covering fish, algae, marine invertebrates and various other marine taxa (e.g., sea snakes, seagrasses, etc.).
The portal currently includes the ability to create check lists for the entire country or for one of the 4 major marine biogeographic regions (Bocas del Toro and San Blas on the Caribbean coast and the Bay of Panama and Gulf of Chiriqui on the Pacific coast). Georeferenced species records can be displayed on a map with associated observation data. A multilingual glossary tool, TaxaGloss, can be used to clarify the meaning of morphological terms. Soon, we hope to incorporate identification tools like tabular keys.
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